Autumn Lessons

On crisp New England fall mornings, especially, Brooke Medicine Eagle’s song “Walk in Beauty” is in my mind, my heart, and usually comes leaping out my mouth as I go about morning chores. One cannot help but see the beauty in bold colored leaves all around. Rain or shine, each leaf proudly stands out as a yet another of nature’s master pieces. And like all great art it invokes all the senses! There are the sights and sounds of swaying crowds of leaves in the trees to the music of the wind, or pirouetting through the air in a most graceful ballet, or when the leaves crawl and rush around the ground like children at play. You can smell and taste the changes in the air. It’s a mix of damp leaves, the sweetness of fruits on the vines and in the trees, of the earthiness of gentle decay as plants slowly melt into compost for next year’s generation. You can feel the excitement as so many seeds are released to the winds by the hopeful parent plant wishing them well on their life’s journey while ever hopeful that future generations will flourish.

Living in harmony with nature gives us useful life lessons in each season. Just as a tree drops its leaves, I shed what no longer serves me. Like a squirrel, I gather my resources in preparation for what is to come. I release the seeds of my thoughts, often in the form of advice, in hopes those listening will benefit at some point in the future to help them through life’s growing pains. I slow down like a caterpillar or create my own pupa for rest and renewal so to be reborn as a butterfly in the spring.

Each season, each day, each moment we are open to the beautiful lessons all around us!

facebook-cover fall robin

And if you’d like to listen to Brooke Medicine Eagle’s song “Walk in Beauty” someone posted it on youtube:

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