Sacred Hospitality

What a wonderful exhausting week it was!

I caught myself being reminded of my mother at every turn. No matter how much work was needed to be done, she warmly welcomed guests and always found a way to feed someone if they were hungry. You see, I was blessed to have my daughter and her boyfriend visit from the opposite coast. To say that 6’7″ young man had a healthy appetite would be an amazing understatement! We were able to go to one of my daughter’s favorite restaurants after we picked them up from the train on Sunday night & that lead to generous left over’s that the boy could help himself to whenever he got hungry again. I’m glad we went picking a variety of fruit at a local orchard on their first full day of their visit here so he would also always have a ready supply of snack material. With me still recovering from Lyme disease and feeling like I was clawing my way out of a deep ditch, the “kids” even decided to cook for us a few times too during the whirlwind visit. They went up to Boston for a day & a half that left me enough time to prep food & house for my husband’s tequila tasting gathering on Thursday. I made lots of yummy food including chicken enchilada roll-ups, pulled pork empanadas, south-west egg rolls, guacamole, raspberry-chipotle adobo dip, along with black bean & corn salsa. I did BUY chips rather than make them too! There were a number of people that were first time visitors to our home and many remarked how comfortable they were here. I know it wasn’t just the tequila talking too because some of the designated drivers reacted the same way. It goes beyond the food and drinks too.

It’s about that family tradition, those things learned from infancy of truly caring for each person that crosses the threshold to our home. It’s treating the time shared with others as the “sacred” gift that it is. The visit with my daughter disappeared without a chance for simple mother/daughter chats but I am happy she’s found someone special she loves to spend time with. We dropped them off at the train station early Saturday morning before we headed up to an all day festival filled with classes, music, and good friends. After the festival we stopped by a friend’s birthday party before heading home to get some much needed sleep. Sunday was supposed to be to relax but of course I found ways to use up some of the leftovers & made a peach pie since the peaches were turning too fast to eat and of course the usual household chores to accomplish. And Monday was busier than usual too since we had to visit the lawyer and sign a ton of papers to refinance the mortgage, pick up hubby’s car that needed emergency brake work (What a blessing to have a friend that’s a mechanic!), plus Monday night football!

Today brought more memories of my mother and her many interests. I thought of her love of animals as I picked up special cat food at the vet for one of our 16 year old cats. Again I thought of her community and political involvement as I voted in the mayoral primary. Like my mother did, I too find peace in nurturing nature so I stopped in at a local greenhouse and picked up a few sale plants. Now I sit here at the computer and am overwhelmed with the blessings of learning so much by the loving examples my mother and my whole family set for me. I hope that I’ve set as good of an example for my daughter and that the lessons of sacred hospitality are being handed down not just in my family but also with each soul to whom I come in contact.

Brightest Blessings!
"The most important thing in the world is family and love."

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