Yes, the cure is better than the disease…

This week has me feeling extremely grateful for antibiotics and especially for finishing them! I’ve been on them for three weeks for Lyme Disease and unfortunately I get a lot of the common side-effects from them. Makes one wonder if the cure is as bad as the problem. Of course I know that Lyme Disease is a serious issue, even though I had to chuckle at the doctor gasping “IMPRESSIVE” at the sight of the LARGE rash area. My body apparently really ramps up to try to fight such things since my temperature was spiking too! I had it last year and felt totally drained of energy for months after finishing treatment but every experience is a chance to learn something and this 2nd bout with Lyme is no exception. I already knew that in most people, treatment with antibiotics is very effective in eliminating symptoms, preventing progression to later manifestations of the disease, and curing the infection. I also knew some symptoms improve rapidly with this treatment, but like me last year, other symptoms gradually improve over weeks to months.

New information for me was that a few people might even suffer inflammation of the heart causing a condition called atrioventricular block or heart block. Heart block can cause a slower than normal heart rate, lightheadedness and fainting, or may cause no symptoms at all. After learning this at my doctor’s appointment, I decided to look up a bit more information and learned that may happen in 8 percent or less of untreated adults. So while it’s rare, I’m grateful to have a doctor that’s aware of the MANY symptoms of Lyme Disease! And that’s a LOT to cover! From early localized reactions, nonspecific symptoms, cardiac symptoms, & neurologic symptoms to the muscle and joint symptoms of later stages of the disease including Post-Lyme disease syndrome. I also learned that Fibromyalgia develops in some people after treatment for Lyme disease!

I know I’m feeling a lot like the squirrel in the photo below due to Lyme and encourage everyone to make sure the lazy hazy days of summer are nothing more than relief from the heat and humidity! Brightest blessings of good health to all! facebook-cover SUMMER 06

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