The waves of change….

The waves of change echo the ebb and flow of the ocean. We know that eventually the tide will turn and are reminded that there is a rhythm to life. This week emphasizes this quite well for me. My husband’s job situation was secured for the rest of the fiscal year, so he’s gone from worried to a few weeks of security only to look ahead to uncertainty that looms on the October 1st horizon. But rather than dwell on “doom and gloom” of the unforeseen future we choose to appreciate the good things of the moment while taking a few precautions. With the uncertain financial future, we are taking the mundane everyday actions of looking at how to reduce expenditures such as refinancing our mortgage. Since I regularly work with the cycles of the earth, as part of my faith, I was not the least bit surprised when our lender stated that the paperwork for our loan was coming together “surprisingly fast”. The cycles of nature are working with us or maybe, more accurately, we’re working with them… We started the ball rolling with the new moon and were just informed of how quickly it’s coming together with the full moon. By riding the tides of change and working with the rhythm of life we’re doing more than “getting by”. We’re gratefully celebrating and embracing the changes that we’ve encountered and will meet in the future. We’re learning how resourceful and practical we can be while we appreciate what’s truly important in our lives. Pay attention to the ebb and flow in your own life, there are messages there and if you pay attention to them you will be guided to exactly where you’re supposed to be in life. Wishing you love and peace on your life journey! 

"The Sun, Moon and Stars are there to guide us." ~Dennis Banks

“The Sun, Moon and Stars are there to guide us.”
~Dennis Banks

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