Thirsty for Thursday Gratitude

"One must learn a different... sense of time, one that depends more on small amounts than big ones." ~Sister Mary Paul

Oh my how time has been slipping away from me of late, and for that I am grateful! It means I’m not standing still nor ignoring other areas of interest. My life has always been full of twists and turns, so it’s not really a surprise that I’ve been “derailed” a bit lately by some surprises. Some surprises are good and others not so good but it is exactly those unexpected moments that bring us to realize our core selves and appreciate both our relationships and the wisdom in our bones. Today take a moment today to tell someone EXACTLY how much they mean to you – from the heart – the words don’t have to be poetic, just honest. Do it now before time slips away!

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2 Responses to Thirsty for Thursday Gratitude

  1. Teresa says:

    You are so correct, thank you for the reminder. Through all our twists and turns (and we’ve had a number of them) I have always loved you. I cannot imagine a time when I couldn’t recall a memory that applies to my current situation. I love that we are creating more of those memories since it’s sometimes hard to use an analogy from teen-aged years applying to my (uh, well, yeah) 50 year old life…

    I love you. Always have, always will, not going anywhere. Thank you, my dearest friend, for being beside me (either in presence or in spirit)…

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