Tuesday Gratitude Goes Further

I am grateful…

"But love of the wilderness is more than a hunger for what is always beyond reach; it is also an expression of loyalty to the earth which bore us and sustains us, the only home we shall ever know, the only paradise we ever need - if only we had eyes to see." ~Edward Abbey

…for contented deer peacefully resting in the backyard

…for a colorful blanket of leaves gently covering a soft bed of grass

…for the grey flannel cloud cover to soften the daylight like a divine dimmer switch bringing a relaxed romantic feeling to the day

…for planning a special dinner for no specific reason

…for a few blooms that dot the reblooming azalea bush reminding me that there will be warmth after winter

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One Response to Tuesday Gratitude Goes Further

  1. Teresa says:

    I am incredibly grateful for you, Rita! I love you, happy Thanksgiving…

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