Feed Me Friday Gratitude


I am grateful…

"When I no longer thrill to the first snow of the season, I'll know I'm growing old." ~Lady Bird Johnson

…for knowing that even with this head cold trying to settle in, I will have another wonderful night with my hubby since World Series baseball is going on to game 7

…for the many graceful deer that add such beauty to my backyard

…for a dear friend making progress – physically & emotionally!

…for hot chocolate while the first snowflakes added their special touch to the fall landscape

…for being able to make a few preparations for what is being predicted as a big winter storm this weekend

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One Response to Feed Me Friday Gratitude

  1. Teresa says:

    Stay warm and dry – I saw the forecast of snow…aarrgghh! My Baby Girl had the storm first in Colorado – 6″ of snow. I told her that it isn’t Iowa anymore (nor Missouri with even LESS snow).I am still progressing – in the positive way this time!!! {{{hugs}}}

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