Non-Stop Thursday Gratitude


I am grateful…

"If you're not a good example, you're probably a poor excuse." ~Author Unknown

…for tasks completed & those yet to accomplish

…for a glass of wine & snuggly cats while enjoying some TV last night

…for hubby contributing his detailed questions to my own for a class I’m going to tonight

…for playing a word jumble game with my hubby

…for wonderfully talented souls I’m blessed to know

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2 Responses to Non-Stop Thursday Gratitude

  1. Teresa says:

    I am so thankful for my friendship with you…even though it is “across the miles” – it remains a constant in my life.

    • Rita Walters says:

      I am truly grateful for reconnecting after far too much time apart – it would be wonderful to be within reasonable geographic proximity to allow for a good ol’ fashioned gabfest! Think we still could talk all night given the opportunity?

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