Tuesday Gratitude For You and Me


I am grateful…

"While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil." By John Taylor

…for the bonds of faith & friendship

…for connections with others that extend far back before I was born

…for family that pulls together to offer comfort to others suffering a loss

…for having wonderful memories that bring more smiles than tears

…for knowing that love is the thread that binds us all

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2 Responses to Tuesday Gratitude For You and Me

  1. Judy Tysmans says:

    Hi, Rita,
    Sounds like you just lost a kitty. We were about to board our plane home this afternoon and got a call from our neighbor who was pet-sitting our elderly dog that she had just died. Our flight home was a strained one, knowing we’d be digging a grave in the dark before we could unpack. Becky was 14, our Aussie who herded sheep for us in her younger years, always doing her best, even in recovery from a stroke last Oct. We’d stayed home all year except this one trip to visit my daughter, and she died while we were on our way home. We all feel very sad here. I brought each of our other 3 animals to say their good bye to her, also. Our Great Pyr. lingered longest, and seemed to be as sad to lose her companion as we are. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you have a shoulder to cry on, also.

    • Rita Walters says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss. I know through Heidi just how much you cared for that dog and it’s clear she loved you enough to depart from the limitations of her body while you were away and still give you the timing to say your farewells to her remains… May the memories of her romping around & playful spirit bring you comfort.

      I use photos I’ve taken that I think illustrate a quote so I think that’s why upon seeing this photo of Zen behind a curtain you made the assumption you did but I did NOT lose a cat (knock on wood)… We did however lose a woman whom I’ve known all my life. Her husband and my father were both POW’s in WWII and became best friends – so much so that he was best-man at my parent’s wedding and they were god-parents to one of my brothers. Ambrose passed away in 1993 so his wife has waited a long time to be with him again. Anna Mae’s health had been on the decline in recent years and had taken quite a downturn in recent weeks, so while not an unexpected loss – it is still a loss. Our family and theirs were very close over the years – they had 8 children & we were 7 children – both couples also lost one child in infancy – the bonds of understanding were very strong and I know they’re having a great time seeing each other again beyond the veil.

      Love & Hugs,

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